Meet the Founder


Video Storyteller and Catholic Convert

Organizations have unlimited choices when it comes to crafting compelling, highly engaging professional quality projects and applications when they use influential people as the storytellers.

In a career that spans nearly 40 years, I have interviewed hundreds of Subject Matter Experts, C-Suite leaders, employees, customers, and spouses in education, healthcare, non-profits, manufacturing, and business. I’ve created content for over 500 projects for training, education, promotion, television, radio and the internet.

My process is called VIDEOSTORYOLOGY where I conduct one-on-one video and audio interviews with Subject Matter Experts over the internet in high definition. The objective is always to capture the passion, conviction, and wisdom of real people as they share their stories. These interviews build libraries for blogs, podcasts, or E-learning courses.

People have gifts that need to be shared to inspire and serve others. I have the gift of telling their stories. In 2020, I felt a significant and holy nudge as God planted the seed of an idea to start The Gifted Catholics Project. He continues to show me ways to use my skills in creating customized faith-based content for Catholic businesses, education, healthcare, church, and non-profit organizations. As I pray every day, “Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.”