Tell Your Story

Meet some people who have agreed to share their stories with The Gifted Catholics Project. We hope you will be inspired by them to carve your own path to better serve your community with the gifts you received from God.

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

1 Peter 4:10

Honor God Through Service and Leadership

Carolyn Destefani, retired Air Force Captain, and elected official, emphasizes the need to recognize and utilize our gifts to win victory in the on-going fight for our souls. As Christians, we can be on the winning side by loving God through sacrifice and service to others.

Cling to the Wooden Cross

Susie Roth, a retired surgical nurse shares her experiences of offering bedside prayer and small wooden crosses to patients struggling with fear and anxiety before surgery. She reminds them that “God will never leave you nor forsake you.” She now dreams of distributing crosses to children in war torn countries.

Speak to Those Who Can’t

Megan Lozano, Executive Sales Trainer, volunteered at a Houston based non-profit organization that helps adults with intellectual and developmental challenges. Last Christmas, she connected with Harold, a nonverbal resident in his 50s with down syndrome who had no family or friends. The impact was so significant she involved her own family.

Bee in the Moment

Joan Cutlip, Executive Coach, found comfort and joy by living in the moment as she sought healing of Stage 3 colon cancer 13 years ago. She gave a “Bee In The Moment” wristband to her oncology nurse at the time which changed both their lives.

Everybody Is a Somebody

Megan Lozano, Executive Sales Trainer for a Fortune Five company, empowers children in need through a nonprofit organization she co-founded. The cancer treatment of children often involves not just the child but also their siblings and parents. Her moments of joy and resilience are confirmed by her faith-based calling.

Choose What’s in Your Best Interest

Joan Cutlip, Executive Coach, shares her experience in leading a personal development program in a prison that helped inmates and outsiders develop new interpersonal skills and perspectives. Her monthly success groups emphasize the importance of listening to the Holy Spirit for personal growth.

The Gratitude Movement

Dr. Dorothy Aggrey, Ph.D. created the Gratitude Movement as a way to contribute to a more peaceful world. She asks three questions to help us assess each day how we have expressed gratitude to those around them and the personal peace that accompanies our reflections.

The Middle Man – Coming Soon!

The Middle Man – Coming Soon!

Roger Duffy, active Deacon, was working in the wholesale food distribution business when the unexpected call to the Deaconate came over 25 years ago. Now, several hundred homilies preached and hundreds more individuals and families served, Roger shares a side within the Church that few will ever experience.

Always in All Ways – Coming Soon!

Always in All Ways – Coming Soon!

Judith Dunlap, Catholic educator and published author, participates in OCIA, Kairos prison ministry, retreats and parish missions. She feels such a calling to preach that her own kids call her “mother the nun.” Her advice is to listen, love and have your “tools” ready when called to use them.